Who can replace Congressman Elijah Cummings?

The short answer is no one.

Congressman Cummings will be remembered as champion and true believer in the ‘idea of America’ and American Democracy. Any American seeking to succeed this “mentor, civil rights activist and stalwart advocate for Baltimore” (Baltimore Sun) and District 7 will be required to not only bring an ‘A Game’ but heart, passion, smarts, tenacity, creative thought, patriotism, and belief in a better tomorrow worthy of Rep. Cummings’ and District 7’s endorsement and respect.

No easy task, but to climb a mountain, one must take the first step. Herein – with the utmost respect and appreciation for the work and legacy of Congressman Cummings – I humbly present myself as one citizen who will work to give it his all to rise to the challenge of following ‘a great’ as Maryland’s next Representative to District 7.

TDan for District 7

What we can do together!

My name is TDan Baker and I’m running in the upcoming February 4, 2020 Special Election to become the new Representative for Maryland, District 7.

I believe in Telling the Truth, the Rule of Law, and The Constitution.

I believe that America’s diversity is her greatest strength.

I am a very concerned District 7 citizen regarding race relations, corporate influence in government, US foreign policy, and particularly climate change.

My questions for District 7 are:

What do you really want done?

What can we do together?